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All the books and manuscripts cited are at Cambridge in the Library of the Department of Plant Sciences (CUB) or the University Library, (CUL) unless otherwise indicated.

A large number of books, mostly old herbals and pre-1800 books, were moved from the Library of the Department of Plant Sciences to the University Library in 1999, where they are on permanent loan and are kept as a separate collection. For further information, please contact Brian Jenkins at the University Library. In general, all the local floras and manuscripts have been retained in the Department but it is possible that some of the books which are cited below as being still at CUB have been moved.

All records given without a source are from the Card Index or from the card index made for the Devil's Ditch.
Please note:
Text in red These have been transcribed from the original
* Words marked * have been taken from the transcriptions on the CNHS card index
! seen by the author i.e. Babington or Bennett.
[R] Recorder database, Vc 29 vice- county recorders.
[CWT] Wildlife Trust Database.

Abbott. Charles Abbott. Flora Selecta. (name of herbarium) c.1800. LTN.

*AF.ann. copy of Babington's Flora of Cambridgeshire, annotated by A Fryer, formerly in the possession of FH Perring.

*AF.cat. Set of London Catalogues marked by A Fryer, date c.1880. Deals mainly with north of county, districts Chatteris, Ely and Wisbech. CUB.

AF.MS. MS. Flora of Hunts and Cambridgeshire. Library, Dept. Plant Sciences, Oxford. (from xerox copy with CD Preston, Monks Wood).

AF Flora [on CNHS card index: 'AF MS' on index to CNHS card index] Alfred Fryer's manuscript note-book containing 'Aug.16, 1876, A List of Plants growing in the 'Chatteris District' No 7 of Prof. Babington's Flora of Cambridgeshire, compiled from that work, with additional species and notes of Alfred Fryer. When no date is given the species has been observed in 1876. Plants on which no notes are made are copied from the Flora and have not been observed by me. Species not mentioned in the Flora as occurring in this District are preceded by an 'x'. Subdistricts 1 Chatteris, 2 Benwick, 3 Doddington, 4 Manea, 5 Washes.'
(At back) 1. List 'Plants found in District VII by A Fryer & not mentioned in Bab. Flora Cambs '. (List is numbered 1-198).
2. List 'Species found in Ely, no. 6 District. 1877' (1875-1877).
3. List 'Species sent to Mr Bennett' (1879-1881)
4. List 'Copied from Botanical Notebooks from 1876-1880'
5. List 'Plants sent to British Museum Jan.1 1884' Nos. 1-69. CUB.

*AGT.List. List of plants in Tansley's 'Types of Vegetation' 1911. Especially list of plants from Fleam Dyke.

AH ann. Bab. Babington's Flora annotated by Albert Hosking and subsequently owned by Miss EM Barraud, now in possession of Norman Villis.

Alchorne ann.Blackstone. List of Habitats of Plants recorded in MS. in a copy of Blackstone's Specimen Botanicum, 1746. This book formerly belonged to Stainsby Alchorne, (d.1800) and notes are probably by Alchorne. W Pamplin, Phytol.3:(1848)167. Only one annotation was found for Cambs.

Andrews Hb. Joseph Andrews' herbarium. Andrews' dated specimens 1711,1721, 1722, 1745 & 1754, as well as undated ones. These have been mostly annotated by Hemsted. BM.

Ann. Nat. Hist. Annals of Natural History or Magazine of Zoology, Botany, and Geology. 1838-1847 London. (Series 1), cont. as Ann.Mag,Nat.Hist. (Searched only for references to Babington in index, consists mostly of taxonomic papers, giving no localities in Cambs.)

Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. Annals and Magazine Natural History 1848-1857 (Series 2); 1858-1867 (Series 3).

*Ann.Lee. copy of Illustrations of the British Flora by Fitch & Smith, in possession of FA Lee, annotated by unknown contributor. CUB.

ann.Wallis see Bennett,1899. Reprint annot. by Anthony Wallis. (copy in possession of G Crompton).

Anon, ann. Martyn, 1727. Interleaved copy of J Martyn's Methodus, 1727. Mostly taxonomic observations and addition of English names. The annotations at the tops of pages were cut when it was rebound. Trinity College Library, Cambridge. (See Vinca major in Bab.1860, where he ascribes the record to Jackson; see also Jackson ann.)

Anon Hb.1801, NWH. Accessions Register: 23.91 About 300 specimens of British dried plants & Marine Algae. [Presented by] The Mayor of Norwich Edwd Wild Esqre. on facing page Ruth Barnes [at Castle Museum between c.1955-1963] has added: 'Plants collected by W.W. Skrimshaw. M.D. Surgeon, Wisbech. (father of Rev. Thomas Skrimshaw, entomologist b. - 1775.' However, it seems that they were perhaps gathered by a young lady who showed them to Skrimshire since some of the sheets have been annotated by him.

A.P. ann. see Peckover

Arber,1934. Arber, A. 1934. Gramineae, CUP.

Arber,1953. Arber, A. 1953. Herbals Their Origin and Evolution A Chapter in the History of Botany 1470-1670, Ed. 2. CUP.

Babington, 1855. On the Batrachian Ranunculi of Britain, by C.C.Babington. Ann.Mag.Nat.Hist. Series 2. Dec. 1855. 16:385-404.

Bab. ann. Babington's own copy of his Flora of Cambridgeshire. It is interleaved, and has annotations by Babington covering approximately the period 1860-1880. Note in the front says, 'Presented to the Botany School. by R.I. Lynch Sept. 1919.' There are MS. notes and letters inserted: Life of Dent; Fryer on Muslick fen; Ophrys apifera in Ely cemetery, W.Marshall. CUB.

Bab. ann. Ray. Babington's annotations in his copy of Ray,1660. CUB. (see also Ray,1663)

Bab.ann.Relhan. Annotations in Babington's two-volume interleaved copy of Relhan,1820. Vol.1. 'Notes collected by me for the Flora of Cambridgeshire. CC Babington. 1860. Relhan's MS. relating to the Botany were given to the Rev. W. Palling of Sidney Coll. Hill of Health was the rising ground a little beyond the Huntingdon Tolegate on the south side of the road, as I learn from the Rev. W. Palling, [Pulling?] son-in-law of Relhan. 1807. See notes by J. Fisher A.B. of Christ's College in Berkenhout Ed. 1. The only localities of Camb:shire plants in Relh. Herb. are to be found at the end of this volume. Localities written or underlined with red and species marked (X) with red have been noticed and communicated to me by SW Wanton M.A., who has observed them recently. July 1851. H. Localities marked (H.) have been extracted from Henslow's copy of this book, 1852. Localities underlined with black, or written in black without authority, or species marked (X) in black have been seen by me. W.W.N. Extracted from an interleaved copy of this book belonging to the Rev.W.W. Newbould. 1852. Relh. MS. Extracts from a copy of the Fl. Cantab. lent to me by Relhan's son. 1852. See the beginning of Vol. 2.'
The annotations are both to and in the text as well as on the interleaves. The red and black ink are no longer distinguishable. There are a large number of records with (W.W.N.) after them; a few with S.W.W., J.F(isher) and with Relhan MS. see [2] below. Transcriptions from the Flora as opposed to the Lists, have been made only when they appear to shed more light on a locality, also all records for Wicken Fen, Triplow peat Holes and NBG. The lists at the begining and end of the volumes: [1] Relhan (LINN.) Bab.ann.Relhan. 'Localities extracted from Relhan's Herb. at LINN. Soc. There are no others relating to Cambridgeshire. June 1858. N.B. This Herbarium was afterwards sold and used as waste paper. CCB.' [2] Relhan MS.(List) Bab.ann.Relhan. 'Extracted from an interleaved copy of Relhan's Flora lent to me by his son. 1852. All these are entered in my MS.' double underline = recorded by both SWW and CCB. or perhaps CCB and H. single underlining of Relhan's text could be in black or red. For a full list of SWW and WNN records all their records in these annotated volumes should be consulted, since Babington does not acknowledge other recorders when he himself has also seen it, neither in his MS Flora or 1860 Flora. All Henslow's records have been transcribed by Bab. from Henslow's ann. Relhan, and have therefore not been included here.

Bab. Mem. Memorials Journal and Botanical Correspondence of CC Babington, Cambridge, 1897.

Babington, 1859 list. Babington's list of Plants known to CCB to grow in the Wisbech district sent to Peckover in 1859.

Bab. MS. Fl. Babington's Flora in manuscript; 3 vols: Vol.1: pp.1-371. vol.2: pp.371-702. vol.3: 703-964. The Vol. no. is followed by his page number. The MS Flora is mostly as in the published version. However Babington has made long lists of parishes or sites for all the species. In the case of common species where such lists are very long, they have been omitted in his published work, and instead a general description has been given. CCB has throughout amended his records by striking through linking semi-colons ; or initials, presumably when he has found the species in that locality. It is clear that very many more records were made first by Newbould. These alterations have not always been noted . In the first part of the MS Flora CCB has written very clearly 'Cuxton' but has changed this to Croxton in the printed flora. Examples on (Bab.1860- followed by MS.Fl.) pp. 68:217, 82:265, 90:292, 96:310, 112:358, 216:688, 264:844, but he then cleverly changes the written word to Croxton, see pp.116:370, 124:392. 139:442, 151.484, 152:485, 175:556, 179:566, 186:589, 216:688, 264:844. It is probable that 'additions' found in the MS, i.e. localities not in the printed version arise mainly from an oversight by CCB. The 'ommissions' appear to be due to last minute additions to the printed flora, notably Mrs Nash Woodham's records for Shepreth. There are also post 1860 records in the MS. notably W Walton whose records are mostly dated after 1860. (cf also Babington's annotations in his copy of the 1860 Flora). There are numerous differences in the descriptions of localities and the juxtaposition of the two versions often help to identify sites: e.g. Gravel Hill (MS) is the same site as Near the Observatory (1860), although there is also just one record for Gravel Hill near Observatory (1860). Many localities have been abbreviated to a parish name. Where this occurs in the MS. Babington has added details of localities from memory. Conversely he has published only the parish name and left out the deatils in the MS. Most of the alterations have been made in the changes of the 'note form' that appears in the MS into an 'english' version as printed, often changing the order of the words and thereby changing the emphasis of the locality. Only the version in the MS Flora is given below. All records which have no locality are given at the begining. Bab.MS. Flora usually as Bab.1860 unless noted. Number in left margin refers to Babington's Districts. The R number in the top right hand corner refers to Relhan,1820 Flora page. Babington's punctuation: records separated by a full stop are presumed to be by Babington. Records separated by a semi-colon are linked to the intitials appearing at the end. ! Babington has seen a specimen from there, the position of the exclamation point seems irrelevant. See end of Vol. 3 for Babington's Key and index etc. CUB.

Bab. 1860. Flora of Cambridgeshire. CC Babington, 1860.

Barnard, 1900. AM Barnard Letter and List to EW Hunnybun in 1900. 'Miss Barnard's Notes'. Her records were made 1848-1852. Only added when they may add information, since they were written 50 years after she was at Odsey. [square brackets = annotations by Trevor James c. 1998.] In Hunnybun Corresp. File. CUB.

Barnard, 1859. AM Barnard's list, sent to H Fordham for Babington. I have selected Miss Barnard's records in preference to Fordham's and I have usually omitted Fordham's editing of her list. CUB.

Barnard ann. Fordham, 1859. Miss Barnard's List annot. by H Fordham. CUB.

Bennett, 1899. Notes on Cambridgeshire Plants by Arthur Bennett, J.Bot. 37:243-247. Reprint annot. by Anthony Wallis. (copy in possession of G Crompton.)

*Bent ann. copy of Bentham's 'Handbook of the British Flora' in the possession of Dr Venn, President of Queen's College (1932-1956), annotated by his father.

Blackstone, 1746. Specimen Botanicum quo Plantarum plurum rariorum Angliae Indigenarum Loci natales. Illustrator. J Blackstone, 1746. CUL.

Blades ann. Babington's Flora annotated by J Blades and subsequently owned by Miss EM Barraud, now in possession of Norman Villis.

Blomefield, L. see Jenyns

Bot.Guide. The Botanist's Guide. Dawson Turner & Lewis Weston Dillwyn, 1805. 1:41-71. London.

Bot.Gaz. The Botanical Gazette, ed. A Henfrey. London. 1849-1851. CUL.

Bourne. see PJ Bourne below

Bot. Mus. see Report

Bradley, 1736. The Country Housewife and Lady's Director. Richard Bradley. Parts I and II, first published in 1727 and 1732 respectively; here reproduced in facsimile from the 1736 edition... by Caroline Davidson. Prospect Books. London. 1980. (Saffron, pp.158,161.)

Britten, 1859. D Britten Letter and List to Babington, 18.10.1859. CUB.

Britten, 1864-1865. Spontaneous exotics. by J Britten. The Naturalist, 1:356.

Browne, 1995. Charles Darwin. Voyaging. Volume 1 of a Biography by Janet Browne, London.

Burckhardt, et al. FH Burckhardt, S Smith et al., eds. The Correspondence of Charles Darwin. CUP.

CCB Wisbech List. Babington's 'List of Plants known to CCB to grow in the Wisbech district' sent to Peckover in 1859. CUB.

*CEM.ann. Copy of Babington's Flora of Cambridgeshire, inscribed 'from the author 1863' in front; with pencil annotations by CE Moss. (Moss left Cambridge in 1917). CUB.

Clarke, n.d. List of John W Clarke's records for the Devil's Ditch, list made 4.5.1972 but many of the records refer to the 1950s & 1960s.

Coleman(a). Localities of Plants in Cambridgeshire observed by WH Coleman, in 1833 - 1834 - 1835. (Title in CCB's handwriting). With a sketch map of Madingley wood - Coton-gate Copse area inside front page.The letters A - G refer to areas north and NE of Madingley Wood. (MS. notebook.) CUB.

Coleman(b). Stations of plants in the neighbourhood of Cambridge observed by WH Coleman Esq. of St John's College during the years 1833, 1834 & 1835; and by FW Collison Esq. B.A. Scholar of St John's College during the year 1835. (MS. notebook). CUB.

Coombe, 1994 DE Coombe, Maritime Plants of roads in Cambridgeshire (v.c.29). Nat. in Cambs (1994)36:3760.

Corbyn, 1656. 'A Catalogue of Plants, first those wch growe wild with us about Cambridge, except those mentioned in Kent. May 1657'. Trinity College, 18 June 1648. Samuel Corbyn, 1656. Names taken from Gerarde's Herbal, 1633 or Parkinson Theatrum, 1640. (Two new British records are Melampyrum cristatum and Senecio paludosus.) MS in Pamplin Coll: Sherard MS 407, Library, Dept. Plant Sciences, Oxford. (see also Samuel Corbyn's Catalogue of Cambridge Plants by G Druce, 1912, J.Bot.Lond., 50:70-79;309. Also Druce,1905, Box 0701. CUB)

Cowell ann. EB Cowell's annotated copy of Babington's Flora. CUL.

Crowe ann.Hudson,1778. Hudson's Flora Anglica, ed.2,1778. 'ex Libris amicis J. Crowe. 1807. JE Smith. ad Bibl. Linn. exemplaribus commutatis.' LINN.

Cullum ann. Hudson. Sir John Cullum's annotated inter-leaved copy of Flora Anglica, W Hudson, 1762. WSRO.

Cullum Nat. Journ. Sir John Cullum's Naturalist's Journal (MS.) in 4 vols. 1773-1785. (1773-1775;1776-1778; 1779-1782; 1783). WSRO.

Cullum corresp. Sir John Cullum's correspondence. WSRO.

Cullum,T.G, ann. Fl. Brit. Sir TG Cullum's annotated copy of Flora Britannica. JE Smith, 1800. WSRO.

Cullum,TG ann. Eng. Fl. Sir TG Cullum's annotated copy of The English Flora. JE Smith. Ed.1. 1824. WSRO.

Cullum,TG ann. Hudson. annotated copy of Flora Anglica. W Hudson. Ed.2, 1778. WSRO.

Dale, Iter Cantab. Samuel Dale MS. Iter Cantabrigiensis. Iter 1 (1722), Iter 2 (1729), Iter 3 (1730), Iter 4 (1730), Iter 5 (1731), Iter 6 (1733), Iter 7 (1734), Iter 8 (1735), Iter 9 (1736), Iter 10 (1737), Iter 11 (1738). CUL.

Dale ann. Ray, 1690. List of plants on 3 MS. pages inserted at front of Ray, Synopsis Methodica Stirpium Britannicarum 1690. Samuel Dale. Add.3466. BM.

Dalton, in litt. letters to Henslow, 1828 & 1829. Henslow Correspondence Add. 8176. (Botanical volume) CUL.

Darlington,1968. The Pocket Encyclopaedia of Plant Galls. A Darlington, Ed. 1.1968.

Dent (Ray), 1685. (see Ray,1685, below)

DE Coombe, Notebooks and Card Index, etc.. Excerpts from DE Coombe's Diaries, Notebooks and Card Index, Coombe Archive. Notebooks numbered at Christ's College by G Crompton, before transfer to CUL.

Dreyer ann.Smith, 1800. Flora Britannica. JE Smith, 1800. Ex Libris Ricardi Dreyer F.L.S. 1765 - 1838. (annotated and illustrated in watercolours). 3 Vols bound into 2 vols. LINN.

EMB. ann. Bab. Babington's Flora (1939) annotated by Miss EM Barraud of Lt Eversden, now in possession of Norman Villis.This copy is also annotated by 'FB', J Blades, A Hoskings, 'WNL', & W Porter, see below

EMB. ann. Bentham. Handbook of the British Flora by George Bentham Revised by Sir JD Hooker7th ed. revised by AB Rendle. 7th edition. 1947. Fly leaf; EM Barraud 1947, lent by Dr C Lovatt. [see Appendix I].

EMB. ann. Evans. Evans' Flora annotated by Miss EM Barraud of Lt Eversden,; now in possession of Norman Villis (c.1984).

EMB. ann. Fitch. Illustrations of the British Flora Drawn by WH Fitch with additions by WG Smith and others. 5th Revised Edition. 1946. Coloured and annotated. Fly leaf; EM Barraud 1947, lent by Dr C Lovatt. [see Appendix I].

Evans, 1911. A Short Flora of Cambridgeshire chiefly from an ecological standpoint, with a history of its chief botanists. AH Evans. I. Cambridgeshire Botanists. pp 197-201. II. The Physical features of Cambridgeshire, with its geological formations, and their attendant flora. pp 202-208. III. Annotated list of some of the rarer plants, many of which are now extinct. pp 209-215. IV. General List of Species. I. Angiospermae. pp 216-247; II. Gymnospermae. III. Pteridophyta, pp 248-249; Characeae (updated by H & J Groves), pp 250-251. ... Proc.Camb.Phil.Soc. (1911) 16:197-284.

Evans, 1913. Notes & Additions to the Flora of Cambridgeshire. AH Evans, 1913. Proc.Camb.Phil.Soc.

Evans, 1923. [Wicken Fen] Of the Flora, pp.37-47; Full List of Plants growing in the old Fenland at Wicken, ... pp.50-51. AH Evans in The Natural History of Wicken Fen, Part I. ed. JS Gardiner & AG Tansley. 1923. (= *Wicken List)

Evans, 1925. Wicken and Burwell Fens Fifty Years ago and Now. pp.81-91. AH Evans in The Natural History of Wicken Fen, Part II. ed. JS Gardiner & AG Tansley. 1925.

Evans, 1939. A Flora of Cambridgeshire. AH Evans, 1939. (see Adiantum cap ven which suggests the flora was written shortly after Evans moved to Edinburgh in 1929.)

*Evans List. see Evans,1911

*Evans List II. see Evans 1913

Ewen and Prime. Ray's Flora of Cambridgeshire Translated and edited by AH Ewen & CT Prime. 1975. Wheldon & Wesley. There appear to be a number of small errors in their transcriptions. Quotations are made with the kind agreement of Mrs F Prime and Wheldon & Wesley Ltd.

FB.ann. Babington's Flora annotated by 'F.B.' and subsequently owned by Miss EM Barraud.

Fisher ann. Berkenhout. Outlines of the Natural History of Great Britain and Ireland. In Three Volumes. John Berkenhout, M.D.1770. Vol.II. 'Comprehending the Vegetable Kingdom', annotated by John Fisher. Title page stamped 'J. Fisher, A.B. Chri.Coll.' CUB.

Fordham, 1859. H Fordham Letter and List sent to Babington 24.10.1859. CUB.

Fryer,1879. Plants found in District VII, Chatteris, in 1879. A Fryer, List pasted into back of Bab.ann.

Gerarde, 1597. The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes Gathered by John Gerarde of London Master in Chirurgerie. London. 1597. For an account of the various editions, see Gerard, by DE Coombe in Dict. of Scientific Biography (1970). and A Arber, Herbals, 2nd Ed. 1953.

Gerarde, 1633. The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes Gathered by John Gerarde. Very much Enlarged and Amended by Thomas Johnson. London. 1633.

Gerarde, 1636. The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes Gathered by John Gerarde of London. Very much Enlarged and Amended by Thomas Johnson. Citizen and Apothecarye of London. London. 1636.

Gibson, 1842. A Flora of the neighbourhood of Saffron Walden, Essex. GS Gibson, Esq. 1842. (incl. Hildersham, Sawston, etc.) Phytol. (Dec. 1842) 1:408-415; (1844), 1:838-839 and 1123-1126.

Gibson, 1848. Botanical Notes for 1848 by GS Gibson. Phytol.3(1)308-310.

Gibson, 1862. The Flora of Essex. GS Gibson. London. 1862.

Gisborne ann. Rev. J Gisborne annotations in Hudson's Flora Anglica ed 2. 1778. Title page inscribed 'J Gisborne 1781'. (Babington names him the Rev. T Gisborne in Bab.ann.) CUB.

Graveson, AW. Herbarium and copy of Diary (re-numbered by B Sawford) in Hitchin Museum. Photographic collection in Environmental Record Centre of Dorset County Museum. Short life in obituary by his wife, placed in front of xerox copy of Graveson's Diary at Hitchin Museum. (King's College, 1912; died 2.11.1979).

Gray,ann.. Babington, 1860: annotated in ink by J Gray. (1910) Property of CD Preston.

Gregor,ann.. Babington, 1860: annotated in pencil by Arthur G Gregor. (1910, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1915, 1920, 1921, 1922, 1924, 1925.) Property of CD Preston.

Hailstone. see SH Cat.

*HD.ann. Babington's Flora, annotated by HN Dixon, (1861-1944) property of JSL Gilmour. (Now in Library of Botanic Garden)

Henslow, 1829. A Catalogue of British Plants. JS Henslow, 1829. Cambridge. (Plants not found in Cambridgeshire are italicised.)

Henslow, 1835. A Catalogue of British Plants. JS Henslow, 1835. Cambridge. Ed.2. (Cambridgeshire species are marked with a small c.)

Henslow, 1859. Letter to Babington, 5 July 1859 from Hitcham.

Henslow ann. Henslow's annotations in his inter-leaved copy of Relhan,1820. In 2 volumes. Bookplates of 'Cambridge Botanical Museum' and 'JS Henslow'. Fly leaf 'This copy contains Prof. Henslow's notes towards a new edition of the Flora Cantabrigiensis. It is the copy referred to in my Flora of Cambridgeshire, p. iv. CCB.' (Many of the species without annotations have either 'x' in ink or/and 'a tick' in pencil. CUB.

Henslow exc. Printed excursion lists, some printed in Cambridge Chronicle, and as separates. CUB.

Henslow MS. Henslow's Notebook with lists of students, 'Names of men who attended the Botanical Lectures 1828 - 1850, etc. O.XIV.261, CUL.

Henslow & Skepper, 1860. Flora of Suffolk. JS Henslow, & E Skepper, 1860. Bury St Edmunds.

Hiern cat. Transcript of some records made from the typescript catalogue of WP Hiern's herbarium at RAMM by CD Preston (in 1991).

Hind, 1889. The Flora of Suffolk. by WM Hind, 1889. London.

*HHT List. List of plants near Kingston Wood, in form of excursion sheet issued to students, pre 1914, (c.1910); on authority of H. Hamshaw-Thomas.

HJW Cat. HJ Wilkinson's printed catalogue of the herbarium, York Museum, which was sometimes also used as herbarium labels. The catalogue numbers are the same as on the herbarium folders. (see also Wilkinson cat. below) YRK.

Hooker, 1833. The British Flora. WJ Hooker, Ed.3. 1833.

Hooker, 1860. The British Flora. Sir William Jackson Hooker and George A Walker-Arnott, 8th ed. 1860. London.

Hosking, 1903. Notes on Cambridgeshire Plants. Albert Hosking, J.Bot.1903,41,157.

How, ann. Notes written (c.1650-1656) by William How, in a copy of his Phytologia Britannica etc. 'natales exhibens Indigenarum stirpium sponte Emergentium'. London. Library of Magdalene College, Oxford.

Hudson, 1778. Flora Anglica. 'Tomus I Editio altera, emendata et aucta.' William Hudson, Ed.2. 1778. 2 vols. (Opposite the Dedication page: 'Babington 1882' and with bookmark with initials 'JB'. There are a few annotations).

*IHB List. List from 'Notes on the Plants Distributed by the Cambridge dustcarts. by IHB Burkill B.A.' Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc.(1893) 8.

J.Bot.1903. see Hosking,1903.

Jackson ann. Interleaved copy of Martyn's Methodus. Inscription on Title page by 'Jackson Coll. Trinit. Cant. Soc. 1730.' Taxonomic notes, including Bryophytes etc. with localities. Keys, 3 pages of notes in shorthand and one note in french. (Richard Jackson became a Fellow of Trinity College in 1730 and bequeathed his library to Trinity c.1782.) Trinity College Library, Cambridge.

Jenyns ann. Relhan, 1802. Rev. Leonard Jenyns' annotated copy of Relhan, Flora Cantabrigiensis, Ed.2, 1802. Label on inside cover 'Cambridge Botanical Museum presented by Rev L Jenyns.' Fly leaf: 'The notes in this copy are by the Rev. Leonard Jenyns formerly of Swaffham Bulbeck. CCB 1860.' Title page signed 'L. Jenyns'. Most of the annotations are a simple 'X' beside the species name: a number have localities, and a very few are dated (between 1821 and 1827). Only the annotations with localities have been transcribed. CUB.

Jenyns ann. Relhan, 1820. Rev. L Jenyns' annotated copy of Relhan, Flora Cantabrigiensis, ed.3, 1820. Fly leaf is signed 'L. Jenyns. 1820.' Title page 'Such species as are thus crossed (+) I have found in the neighbourhood of Bottisham. - L.J.' Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, Bath Museum. Most of the annotations are a simple 'X' beside the species name: a number have localities, and a very few are dated (between 1821 and 1827). Only the ones with localities have been transcribed from a xerox copy.

Jenyns JNH. Leonard Jenyns' natural history journals in the Alfred Newton papers, Cambridge University Library. By permission of the Syndics of the Cambridge University Library. (see also G Crompton, Botanizing in Cambridgeshire in the 1820s. Nature in Cambridgeshire (1997) 39:59-73.)

Jenyns, 1859. Letter to Babington, Oct.24 1859. CUB.

Jenyns, 1860. 'Additional localities for Cambsh Plants, L Jenyns' List with letter to Babington, Oct.24 1860. CUB.

L.J. BATHG. Catalogue of Jenyns' Herbarium at BATHG. This appears to be a list of Leonard Jenyns' specimens 'compiled by H Antheran'. Transcribed while on loan to Applied Biology in 1981. (Copy with TA Rowell and CUB.)

Jermyn, 1900–1 or Jermyn, E. 'An Old Field Club in Fenland.' (History of Swaffham Prior Natural History Society) by E Jermyn. Eastern Counties Mag. 1900-1901, 1:309-310.

JM. ann. John Martyn's annotations and/or underlining of Ray's text in his inter-leaved copy of Ray,1660.The annotations are undated, except for one in July 1 1730, but are probably mostly before Martyn's Flora, 1727. Annotations in margins or interleaves within printed text and also additional lists to Ray's Index Loc. under new sites on interleaves. Inside front cover: 'This copy belonged to Prof. John Martyn of Cambridge--who used it as a Text Book whence he published his Methodus Plant. circa Cantabrig. 1727-- see this Vol: The notes and corrections are by him. -' Deleted crossed out by Martyn. Inserted added by Martyn. CUB.

JM. ann. Index Loc. John Martyn's annotations by underlining Ray's text or by additions in margins of Ray's lists in his Index Loc. (as JM.ann. see also Ray,Index Loc.) CUB.

JM. ann. Meth. John Martyn's annotations in his interleaved copy of his Methodus bound together with his copy of Ray(1660) The Introduction (by John Martyn) is not interleaved. pp.1-125 of the Methodus is interleaved and heavily annotated, especially the fungi and mosses, with detailed localities. The ferns start on p.6; Index to Latin genera, pp.126-132; '1727 Desiderata' 4pp. of a MS. list which has mostly been crossed out, opposite p.132. CUB.

JM. ann. Ray. John Martyn's manuscript addition of a new species to his copy of Ray,1660. CUB.

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+Lyons, 1763. + 'Si plantam non sufficienter inspexi, signum + addidi'. p.xv. as above, but species not seen or examined by Lyons.

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Mag. Nat. Hist. see Loudon Mag. Nat. Hist.

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Martyn, 1763. Plantae Cantabrigienses or, A Catalogue of the Plants Which grow wild in the County of Cambridge, disposed according to the System of Linnaeus. Herbationes Cantabrigienses: or, Directions to the Places where they may be found, Comprehended in Thirteen Botanical Excursions. To which are added Lists of the more Rare Plants growing in many parts of England and Wales. by Thomas Martyn, M.A. Fellow of Sydney College, and Professor of Botany in Cambridge. London. Printed for the author, and sold by Thurlbourn and Woodyer in Cambridge, and J Beecroft in Paster-noster-Row. MDCCLXIII. 1. Preface 'Witness the heathy grounds of Gogmagog-Hills and Newmarket;'... p.v. Thomas Martyn's list includes 181 species found since Ray's last Appendix, and J Martyn's 'new' edition. 'from scattered Notes in Manuscripts'; also finds by Lyons and others. List is divided into 3 columns: Name as found in 1. Hudson, Fl.Anglica. 2. John Martyn's Methodus, 1727. 3. Ray, Cat. & Appx 1 & Appx 2. 2. Bibliography. 3. Lists of botanists 4. 'Plantae Cantabrigienses'. i.e. list for Cambridgeshire with foot-notes Plant. Cant. (1763), p.x. (Many of the 'new' plants have already appeared in John Martyn's MS. annotations and sometimes are referred to here in a footnote.) Only those species indicated as new to the county, species with footnotes and the Herbationes have been included. Published 3 months before Lyons,1763. CUB.

Martyn, 1763, Herbat. Herbationes Cantabrigienses. Herbat. I - XIII, (with footnotes) in Martyn,1763. CUB.

Th. M. ann. Meth. & Th. M. ann. Index Loc. (1763?). This consists of a straight copy by Thomas Martyn of his father's (John Martyn) annotations to Ray's Flora,1660. In addition he has added about 90 species not mentioned by his father, and has omitted about 20 species listed by his father. In addition he has added the following localities under which he lists species in his list of localities, as distinct from his annotations in the text. 'Arborough, Chesterton, Clare Hithe, Coe fen, Dunnington [?], Elsworth, Furze Hill, Gurton, Juniper Hill, Moor Barns, Stow, Parker's Piece, Tid St Giles, Triplow.' He has only omitted Stretham Fen, to which locality his father did not add any species. Some of the additions are of course annotated by his father in Ray's Index Locorum. Most of his 'Index Locorum' is then followed in the Herbationes published in his Flora(1763). As a result there is a great deal of repetition and it is difficult to know whether either Martyn saw all the plants they listed, for John Martyn's annotations include Ray's localities. It is tempting to think that only his addtions are underlined, as in Asperula, but in Asplenium adiantum nigrum he also underlines a locality published in Ray. Or perhaps he underlines only the plants he had seen. Thomas Martyn's annotations of his interleaved copy of John Martyn's Methodus is followed by a list of localities and species thereat to back cover, the whole interleaved and annotated by Thomas Martyn with notes, and with many records dated 1759 or 1760. Babington writes (inside cover) 'notes are nearly certainly by T Martyn; they were used by me in the prepn. of my Flora of Cambs'.... but a comparison of a few interesting records selected at random suggest that Babington did not do this very thoroughly. In fact, the book was not given to him (by Newbould) till 1862. CC Babington's Bookplate: ' Given to Charles C. Babington in May 1862 by WW Newbould'. To Botanical Museum by CCB in June 1865.' (Facing fly leaf): 'At the end of this volume are inserted the 24 pages of a Second edition printed by Prof. J Martyn but never continued further. They are exceedingly rare. this was Mr W. Peete's of Dartford copy and at his death (A.D.1848) I bought it when his library was sold. W. Pamplin. the writing opposite the additional sheets (1) is that of Mr Peete who valued the volume highly.' CUB.

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Maynard MS. GN Maynard, his 13 volumes of natural history notes, etc. etc. in MS. CRO have renumbered Maynard's volumes XIII and XIV both as volume XI; (Maynard's volumes XI and XII are not at CRO). Here Maynard's volume numbers are used for reference purposes. The volumes have been deposited by the Saffron Walden Museum at the CRO. R 58/5/11(13) and R 58/5/11(14.) CRO.

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1895 73-148 1-19  
1896 149-236 13-35 Part III
1897 237-292 26-38 Part IV
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1899 365-443 11-24 Part VI
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1900 444-501 19-31 Part VII
1901 502-563 65-78 Part VIII
1902 564-606 33-42 Part IX
1903 607-729 33-56 Part X
1917 730-1574 11-168 Part XI

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